We drug test all applicants
 We cover all insurance
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 No finder's fee!
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About Reliable Resources Inc.
Reliable Resources, Inc. is an employment service specializing in light industrial labor. We offer temporary support, temp-to-permanent placement and recruitment. If you want the flexibility, personal attention and superior customer service of a local placement company, Reliable Resources Inc. is the choice for you.
What Makes Reliable Resources Inc. Employees So Reliable?
Reliable Resources, Inc. workers are the most dependable employees you’ll find. Our comprehensive screening process ensures that you get responsible, safe and productive workers.
Reliable Resources, Inc. thoroughly screens all employees. We interview them, verify former employment and check references. Criminal background checks are available upon request.
Drug Testing
Reliable Resources, Inc. enforces a zero tolerance drug policy. We test all of our employees during the initial hiring process, then again if they are involved in an accident. Any employee who tests positive for drugs is dismissed immediately. It is critical that we maintain this no tolerance standard.
Safety Training
Reliable Resources, Inc. provides thorough safety training for all employees before they are assigned to a job. Upon request, our workers will be sent with safety belts, steel-toe boots, eye protection and gloves.
Follow-Up Calls
Reliable Resources, Inc. will call you within two to three hours of dispatching workers to confirm that they are performing their assigned duties. (SEE OUR GUARANTEE)
Reliable Resources, Inc. workers have developed their skills in a variety of work environments. They are flexible and can quickly adapt to your company.
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