We drug test all applicants
 We cover all insurance
 Direct dispatch
 No finder's fee!
 We cover state and federal taxes




• Direct hire
• Temporary to permanent placements
• Temporary placements
• Payroll services
• On-site placement services
• In-house office services

24-hour Response
Reliable Resources, Inc. offices are staffed around the clock to meet your needs for different shifts. Call anytime and speak to a staff member and not a machine. Your needs will be addressed immediately.
Reliable Resources, Inc. covers all insurance for our workers, including workers’ compensation, liability, unemployment insurance, etc.
On-site Coordinators
Reliable Resources, Inc. offers on-site coordinators to take care of human resource needs for groups of our workers at your site. We will check employees in and out, direct them and supervise their work.
Centrally Located Offices
Reliable Resources, Inc. is centrally located to serve you in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley. No matter where you are, you can be sure that your workers will arrive quickly.
Language Skills
We provide English-speaking, Spanish-speaking or bilingual workers as needed.
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